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Michael Banks
Michael Banks, Owner

There can be no conversation discussing the past 30-40 years of Detroit tennis without the name Michael Banks surfacing. Michael learned to play tennis Northwestern High School.  He soon became a regular on the local and national tournament scene.  Accordingly, he became an expert on all things tennis.

Michael also played racquetball and squash, becoming knowledgeable of those games as well.

In 1985 Michael found himself unemployed from his job as a computer programmer.  He decided his next job would be related  his passion for tennis. Hence in 1985 Michael opened his store Professional Racquet Services on Livernois in Detroit, Michigan.

Surviving the many ups and downs of the Detroit economy, PRS has withstood the test of time by providing racquet sport enthusiasts with excellent products and superb customer service.

Who does Michael Banks serve?

Tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton players all converge on PRS for racquets, balls, clothing and shoes,sport related accessories, and stringing services. 

Pickleball players are regularly dropping by Detroit PRS for their paddle and balls.
Michael’s “while you wait” stringing service is a hit among the players.