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Detroit Tennis Victorious

Albert Einstein said “You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then play better than anyone else.”  The Detroit tennis community obviously embraced this concept when they took on Cleveland and Chicago at the 72nd Tri -City tennis tournament held this past Labor Day weekend in Detroit.

No one challenges Detroit tennis players on their home turf and walks away victorious!

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The Tri-City tournament has been testing the skills of the Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago African American tennis community since 1946.  It began when blacks weren’t allowed to participate in tournaments run by whites.  Accordingly a group of blacks led by Mrs. C.O. (mother) Seames founded their own tournament.  The city with the most wins takes home the Mother Seames trophy.

This year’s scores are as follows:  Detroit, 72, Cleveland, 66, and Chicago, 17.

Tri-City is a non-sanctioned tournament; participation is for the camaraderie, fun, and pride.  The host city usually wins due to those reluctant to travel, but who will participate when the tournament is played on their turf.  Lifelong friendships and even marriages have come out of these gatherings.

With Metro Racquet Club, Palmer Park Tennis Academy, Motor City Tennis Club, and others training our youth in the sport, Detroit is well positioned to continue wreaking havoc at Tri-City and other tournaments for years to come.

Good Job Detroit!



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